Yashima USA

Our Products

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Sensors and Electronic Parts

We offer a wide variety of current sensors and electronic parts. We also offer 3-phase motor current sensors in one package.


Custom Power Modules and Printed Circuit Boards

We offer high power switching/intelligent modules, drive units, and printed circuit boards.


AlCu Heat Sinks

We offer efficient high power heat sinks in a wide variety of shapes.


Electric & Hybrid (EV/HEV) Devices & Back Sonar Alarm Systems

We offer on board chargers for electric vehicles (EV) and Hybrid (HEV) Vehicles. We also offer back sonar alarm systems for trucks and monitors for automotive use.


Resin Molded Parts

We offer resin molded parts that are highly efficient and reliable.


Custom Motors

We offer high power motors to meet our customers’ needs such as valve angle control, tilt handle, and highly compact motors.