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Welcome to Yashima USA!

We are a technology driven trading company offering innovative products to the global automotive industry. Our parent company, Yashima-Denso Co. Ltd of Japan has been supplying key components to the automotive industry for over 80 years.


Naozo Hayatsu founded Yashima-Denso Co., Ltd. in 1934. Naozo’s idea to start his own company came from his work at Yashima Motor company, recognized as a pioneer in Japan for importing Chrysler cars in1920.

About Us

Chairman Ryuichi Hayatsu

Since foundation, Yashima Denso Co,. Ltd. has been contributing to the evolution of the automotive industry through its innovative marketing and sales approach and broad industry network build on Integrity, Trust, and Determination.

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Our Clients Include

Yashima USA

  • Nissan
  • Hino
  • Isuzu
  • UD Trucks
  • Toshiba
  • Panasonic
  • and many more

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Our Main Products

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Sensors and Electronic Parts

Sensors and Electronic Parts

Current sensors for EV/HEV
Electric Components for automotive or industrial use

Custom Power Modules & Printed Circuit Boards

Cost-effective custom power modules and printed circuit boards for automotive or industrial use.

AlCu Heat Sinks

AlCu Heat Sinks

Weight saving, Reliable, and Cost-effective Custom Heat Sinks for automotive or industrial use

EV/HEV Devices

EV/HEV Devices & Back Sonar Alarm Systems

Reliable and cost-effective Onboard Chargers.
Easily attached back sonar alarm systems for automotive use.